Breeding Contract for LD Echshahlon 2004
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Breeding Contract with Arabian Woods

Arabian Woods

This Contract is for the breeding season of 20 12 is made and entered into on this day of , 20 12 Is by and between Arabian Woods, herein after designated "breeder" and herein after designated "Mare Owner".

Mare owner agrees to breed the mare , and registration # to the stallion LD Echshahlon registration # 0482783 . For the Breeding fee of $ 1200.00 with "Live Foal" Guarantee.

1.) Stallion fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of

$ $200.00 Payable with this contract, the balance of which must be paid with all the other expenses when mare is picked up or when Mare Owner is involved, whichever is first. Invoices are payable upon receipt. Mare Owner may not remove mare from breeders possession until all expenses have been paid in full.

2.) Breeder agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feed of the mare and /or foal while in their custody. Mare Owner agrees to pay for care and feed at the rate of $8.00 per day. For mares without foals at their side: $10.00 per day. For mares with a foal at their side. (**Mare care rates are valid at Arabian Woods location only. In the event stallion is standing at another facility other than Arabian Woods, mare care rates may be different. Mare owner agrees to pay all expenses incurred during breeding at the outside facility and agrees to abide by outside facilities conditions for breeding if applicable.)

3.) Breeder will exercise judgement in care and supervision of mare and/or foal. Breeder’s veterinarian will examine mare for normal breeding conditions and will administer medical care as deemed necessary for the health and safety of the mare and/or foal including, but not limited to palpations, cultures, and ultrasounds. All veterinarian and farrier expenses will be paid by the Mare Owner

4.) The mare shall be in a healthy and sound breeding condition, free of infectious, contagious or transmittable disease. A photo copy of registration paper (both sides), veterinarian’s health certificate, and health inventory of worming and immunization and should include sleeping sickness tetanus, flu, and rhinopnuemonitis. Breeder reserves the right to refuse any mare that does not appear in overall good condition and/or health.

5.) Mare Owner agrees to remove shoes from back feet of mare before bringing mare to Breeder’s facility. If shoes are not removed, Breeder reserves the right to have shoes removed at the Mare Owner’s expense.

6.) Transported semen will be available with additional fees of $400.00.

7.)Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle mare: however, if mare fails to settle for any reason. Mare Owner will hold breeder blameless. Mare Owner agrees to give Breeder ample opportunity to settle mare.

8.) This contract contains a "Live Foal Guarantee." A live foal is described as a new born foal which stands and nurses without assistance. It is agreed that if the mare aborts , miscarries, or proves barren after leaving Breeder’s premises. Mare owner has the privilege to return her for breeding during the current breeding season and will only be responsible for applicable mare care and veterinary fees as defined above.

9.) It is agreed that is the mare aborts, miscarries, or proves barren after artificial insemination. Mare owner has the privilege to request subsequent shipments of semen at $400.00 per shipment during the current breeding season.

10.)It is agreed that if the mare aborts, miscarries, or proves barren after the insemination (live cover or artificial), mare may be brought back the following breeding season for a re-breeding fee of $100.00 increased by mare care rates, veterinary fees, and other transported semen charges defined at the time of breeding.

11.)A "Breeders Certificate" will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when stallion fee, all other expenses have been paid in full,

and when mare has produced a live foal by this mating.

12.)Both parties agree that, Arabian Woods.   The Breeder, and any person associated with the Breeder and /or, Arabian Woods, is not liable for death, sickness, and/or accident including consequential damages to the mare and/or foal.

13.)This contract is entered into the State of IL and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of that State.

14.) Arabian Woods shall have possessory lien on mare for all unpaid bills. Mare Owner shall be responsible for all reasonable attorney’s fee and court cost if necessary to collect fees due hereunder.

When Mare Owner and Breeder sign this contract, it will then be binding on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.


Arabian Woods  

Breeder Signature Date      Mare’s Owners Signature Date

Arabian Woods, Donna & Jim Woods,1279 E 2385th Street,Camp Point, IL 62320  (217)593-6915

Camp Point, IL 1279 E 2385th Street
Arabian Woods    *US * 62320