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Send to :Arabian Woods Horse Farm
                  1279 E 2385th St.
                  Camp Point, IL 62320
Call Donna:
for confirmation & availability: 217-593-6915

Arabian Woods

Summer Group Lessons

Sign Up Form

GROUP LESSONS:  lessons will be a combination of learning the basic knowledge of horseback riding, grooming, saddling, and care of the horse.

minumum 6 kids, maximum 18 kids

Liability forms must be signed by guardian before the start of the lessons.

(    )    #1              1 hour        $15.00 each kid

(    )   #2              1.5 hours      $20.00  each kid

(    )  #3             2 hours          $25.00 each kid


Participant Name:                                                       


Address :                                                                

City, State & Zip:                                                    

Guardian Name:                                                     



SIGNATURE for use of all media from this event for marketing.                                                                

Horse experience (B)(  ) Beginner, (S)(  )Student,

(I)(  ) intermediate

Arabian Woods

 T-Shirts available

Amount Paid (         ) T-Shirt $15 # of (    )Sizes(     ) Amount Due(      )


We are looking forward to seeing you here.
Thank you, Donna

Camp Point, IL 1279 E 2385th Street
Arabian Woods    *US * 62320