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Arabian Woods


Proudly Presenting "ILLIAMO ZORRO" our Black Arabian Stallion
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Pictured is CF Chesapeak Bey at 1999 Arab Inc.
A Bey Shah grandson

Welcome to your virtual journey thru the Woods. 
Our home shared with our Arabian Horses and Dalmation Dogs. 

 We raise, show, and sell quality individuals.  We are proud to be able to bring beautiful, loving partners together.  Animals can enrich our lives in so many ways.

Our Arabians, and Dalmations are the result of tried and true pedigree which can stand on its own. 
The bloodlines in which we stay are from the Old Egytpian/ Crabbet lines found in the Arabian Legends book.  Each line being traceable to the desert bred horses of long ago.  Many legends such as Raffon, *Raffles, Nazeer, Ofir, *Witez II, and *Bask ...just to name a few.

Rose'n Dals Distraction
Click Picture take a trip to Rose'n Dal Dalmations' site

Leelah Rose (Prince Sikan X Aysa Gambler Rose)
1998 won weanling halter class at ABU

Jim's 1967 GMC is For Sale
Spark Plug, Spinning
A cherried out truck to show

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Arabian Woods * 1279 E 2385th Street * Camp Point , IL* US * 62320