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Proudly Presenting "ILLIAMO ZORRO" our Black Arabian Stallion

The Arabian Breed Standard:
Comparatively small head, profile of head straight or preferably slightly concave below the eyes;small muzzle large nostrils, extended when in action; large, round, expressive, dark eyes set well apart ; comparatively short distance between eye and muzzle; deep jowls, wide between the branches; small ears(smaller in stallion than mares), thin and well shaped, tips curved slightly inward; long arched neck, set on high and running well back into moderately high withers; long sloping shoulder well laid back, loins broad and strong; croup comparatively horizontal; natural high tail caarriage.  Viewed from rear, tail should be carried straight; hips strong and round; well muscled thigh and gaskin; straight, sound, flat bone, large joints, strong and well defined; sloping pasterns of good length; round feet of proportionate size.  Height from 14.1-15.1 hands, with an occasional individual over or under.  Fine coat in varying colors of bay, chestnut, grey and black .  Dark skin, except under white marking, Stallions especially should have an abundance of natural vitality, animation, spirit, suppleness and balance.


A good Western Pleasure prospect must have a ground covering flat footed, true four-beat walk; a free, square, slow and easy two-beat jog; a smooth, slow, easy and straight (both leads) true three-beat lope; a real hand gallop is not just extended lope, must be a destinctly stretched canter, not extremely fast.
Good confirmation is the fondation of a western pleasure horse.  Well shaped not an extremely long back or long stride.  A horse that can come under himself and collect in a nicely rounded frame.  A good hind-quaters is essential for lifting his back to support the rider and himself in a collected slow and easy manner, making the gaits smooth and even.

Zorro  is a true black Arabian Stallion linebred black old Egyptian/Crabbet bloodlines.

Illiamo Zorro ( Prince Abdul X Illiamo Fyremaid)

Zorro this exciting young stallion made his debute this year at IL Horse Fair 2002 in March.  He will be starting his show career this summer.  Look for him at the IL State Fair He will be showing Wed. Aug. 14th in the 7:00pm Session Land of Lincoln Stallions Halter 4 and up. 
Zorro's first foal arrived May 7th, 2002, She is an extremely nice production of an exotic black Arabian filly.  She has two rear white socks, and wonderful build, with character like her father.  Stout, strong body and enough size to make any person happy.   Her sale is Pending.

Stud Fee 
Booking Fee
      $  50.00        
$ 300.00 A. I. 
           additional fee 

Jull's Silk Shadow
Zorro's First Foal

Jull's Silk Shadow (Illiamo Zorro X Aysa Gambler Rose) This happy little girl is going to be quite the character.  We are very pleased with Zorro's first foal.

Illiamo Zorro
Illiamo Zorro and Rose'n Dals Distraction

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