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Donna and Jim Woods have been raising Arabians since 1997.   Keeping quality in mind, we have kept the influence of the original idea of what an Arabian is supposed to be ,versatile, athletic and full of heart.

Celina Raffon
Raffon granddaughter


Mya at three weeks

 For the Love and admiration of my Bey Shah Grandson Chessie; we decided to breed into the Bey Shah bloodlines and came up with Mya.  We have been extremely happy with the wonderful type of Arabian cross of Raffon and Bey El Bey bloodlines.

Diz and Roddy
Hopefully Diz will have pups next April

Chessie & Gi Gi
This spring in the pasture-See Gi Gi -Horses for Sale

        C F Chesapeak Bey

1997 at Keokuk, IL
Bey Shah grandson

Chessie has been my partner for many years in and out of the show ring.  Due to an illness I don't care to put much stress on him, for fear of his condition returning.  He is happy to take me on short trail rides or give the kids riding lesssons, just for attention or treats.

      Aysa Gambler Rose

Raffon bred mare

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