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Zorro in Springfield,IL at the ABU Horse Show
Donna riding

(Prince Abdul x Illiamos Fyremaid)
Pictured to the left taken at the ABU All Arabian Horse Show Sept. 9th 2007.  Western Pleasure Geldings with Donna Woods riding.

Zorro  is a true black Arabian linebred black old Egyptian/Crabbet bloodlines.

Illiamo Zorro ( Prince Abdul X Illiamos Fyremaid)

Illiamo Zorro   He is incredible under saddle on trail rides with Donna and showing in Western Pleasure classes. 

The Arabian Breed Standard:
Comparatively small head, profile of head straight or preferably slightly concave below the eyes;small muzzle large nostrils, extended when in action; large, round, expressive, dark eyes set well apart ; comparatively short distance between eye and muzzle; deep jowls, wide between the branches; small ears(smaller in stallion than mares), thin and well shaped, tips curved slightly inward; long arched neck, set on high and running well back into moderately high withers; long sloping shoulder well laid back, loins broad and strong; croup comparatively horizontal; natural high tail caarriage.  Viewed from rear, tail should be carried straight; hips strong and round; well muscled thigh and gaskin; straight, sound, flat bone, large joints, strong and well defined; sloping pasterns of good length; round feet of proportionate size.  Height from 14.1-15.1 hands, with an occasional individual over or under.  Fine coat in varying colors of bay, chestnut, grey and black .  Dark skin, except under white marking, Stallions especially should have an abundance of natural vitality, animation, spirit, suppleness and balance.

A good Western Pleasure prospect must have a ground covering flat footed, true four-beat walk; a free, square, slow and easy two-beat jog; a smooth, slow, easy and straight (both leads) true three-beat lope; a real hand gallop is not just extended lope, must be a destinctly stretched canter, not extremely fast.
Good confirmation is the fondation of a western pleasure horse.  Well shaped not an extremely long back or long stride.  A horse that can come under himself and collect in a nicely rounded frame.  A good hind-quaters is essential for lifting his back to support the rider and himself in a collected slow and easy manner, making the gaits smooth and even.

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